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How Jesus Became Christian by Barrie Wilson

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The Lost Gospel

The Lost Gospel - Barrie Wilson

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Was Jesus married? If so, to whom? Did they have children? Were there plots against Jesus' life? If so, why? How was Jesus' marriage viewed by his followers? Was there another early Christian movement besides that of Paul and Jesus' brother James? Why did the human side of Jesus – his sexual, social, political aspects -- threaten some followers, so much that they suppressed this information?

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"In their new book, 'The Lost Gospel,' Jacobovici and Wilson have uncovered one of the greatest ancient literary and archaeological mysteries. It is sure to revolutionize future scholarship and excavations in the history of ancient Christianity and Judaism."

– Rabbi Dr. Richard Freund, Maurice Greenberg Professor of Jewish History, University of Hartford

"Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson have produced a rather impressive collaborative work [that] advances the hypothesis that the text belongs to a form of Gnostic Christianity in which a married Jesus with children was a core tradition that might well trace back to the historical Jesus. The public will find it fascinating, clerics will denounce it, and some academics will likely dismiss it as sensational--but it is well worth a careful read."

– James D. Tabor, Professor of Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"This is a serious-minded, thought-provoking and interesting book, giving expression to an excellent knowledge of early Christian sources and the ability to analyze and integrate them into a clear and comprehensible picture. The book abounds with historical surveys and enlightening discussions on its sources, terms, characters and various period-related aspects...

This book will certainly occupy a highly important place in the scholarly quest for the historical Jesus, as it raises the fundamental question: how far can scholars go in this quest and to what extent are their conclusions founded."

– Rivka Nir, Open University, Tel Aviv. Nir, Rivka, "Book Review, "The Lost Gospel". Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus. (Fall 2016) 14: 296

"I very much enjoyed reading the book and find the major thesis of Jesus' marriage to Mary the Magdalene very convincing. I also liked the style – very modern and conversational I thought it well- structured and convincing I have always felt that the emphasis on celibacy and the identification of sex with sin and corruption is extremely annoying. It is very much part of the denigration of women and their place in the natural order of things."

– Madelyn B. Dick, Ph.D., Professor Emerita and Senior Scholar, History, York University, Toronto

"The Lost Gospel is a tour-de-force, carefully important contribution to the on-going dialogue about Christian origins."

– Margaret Starbird, author of The Woman with the Alabaster Jar

"Absolutely fascinating. Many would argue the biggest story or one of the biggest stories of our lifetime."